Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Counting Down to My Jiangnan Trip.....

Still got 16 more days for my Jiangnan Trip, have been counting down since the day we booked this tour in early of October, now it is getting nearer and nearer, very excited and also nervous, excited is first time go to such a cold country, nervous is don't know what's will happen in my 8 days tour - will I fall sick, is my clothing enough to keep me warm, is my money enough for me to spend :P. Anyway... still looking forward to it, cos I got almost 2 years never take a flight.

I have reserved a book from the library, it is regarding on things to do in Shanghai and it's map, can start planning what I am going to do in Shanghai and where to go during my 2 days free & easy. I also decided to take as many photos as possible, anyway I already bought a 2GB memory card, which can store about 800 photos and I will also bring my 512MB memory card, jus in case I took more then 800 photos hahaha.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Last night I joined the postcrossing, it is a website that let you send and receive postcards to/from people all over the world. Each user can only send 5 postcards, the first 5 countries I am sending to are Finland, Germany, Hungary, Netherland and United States of America. When the people receive my postcard they will log in and key in the postcard ID I have written on the postcard, so that I will know whether my postcard was received successfully or lost in mail. When someone received my postcard, that's mean I can send some more...... So excited, can't wait to receive my first postcard.