Thursday, December 28, 2006

My 8 Days in Jiangnan

I am back from my 8 days (16/12 to 23/12) tour in Jiangnan. It was a wonderful trip and I enjoyed very much. It was quite cold during the 8 days stay, temperature was between 2 - 13 degree. It was the first time I went to such a cold country during winter. Used to go to Perth and Japan during their end winter, which was average about 16 degree, and that time I don't feel the cold at all, just feeling the weather was just right, maybe now getting old, so tends to feel cold :) . Total we took about 900 photos, average 110 photos per day, hee hee seems like alot, lucky I bought a 2GB memory card, if not will miss alot of nice sceneries. Now trying to download all my photos into Yahoo!, too bad this few days because of the earthquake in Taiwan which causes the slow traffic in internet, I am still unable to finish downloading my photos :(

When got a chance, I want to go to country that's will snow, although need to wear really thick but It will be a great experience, now need to start saving to buy more winter clothes.

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