Sunday, July 08, 2007

New Hair Cut

I went for haircut yesterday. I cut off my 2 years long hair into something like the picture. I did colouring and highlights for S$139 then do a treatment for S$28, total cost me S$167 for this short hair. Althought feel a bit pinch, but I quite like my new hairstyle, so still worth it. I never do colouring and highlights together, so this is a new challenge for me, ha ha ha. The hairstylist had chosen a brown base for my hair and a orange colour for the highlights, at first when I see the orange colour from the colouring sample book, I quite cannot accept it, cos it is too bright, then the hairstylist told me, the result will not be that bright it will only be darker then what I see, so I think never mind, anyway never do such colour before, so give it a try. The end result I quite satisfy, when finished with the colouring, I quite like it, cos it is brown, compare to my original hair colour, it make me look more awake, then the orange highlights, make me look fresher, very satisfy with it. 4 hours of doing it and S$167 spending it, the satisfaction covered some of the pinch, ha ha ha.

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